Duke MBA Health Care Conference 2018 

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is changing rapidly across the world. Stakeholder consolidation, socioeconomic developments and health technology innovation are enabling opportunities and creating unique challenges for the industry. Curated by Duke's Fuqua School of Business Healthcare Club, the Duke MBA Healthcare Conference will bring together industry experts who are shaping the future of healthcare to share ideas, debate paths forward, foster learning, and provoke conversations that matter.

The Conference is a full-day event that will be held at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, North Carolina on November 7, 2018 for ~300 expected attendees from Fuqua, Duke University, nearby academic and healthcare institutions, and healthcare companies in the Triangle.

Keynote Speakers Include:

·       John Ratliff, CEO, Covance; Moderator: David Ridley, Professor, Fuqua School of Business

·       Dr. Ali S. Raja, Executive Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

 Panel 1: Beyond the App: Engaging and Empowering Patients in the Digital Age 

Digital health is rapidly transforming our healthcare system. The emergence of wireless sensors/devices, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics has enabled improved clinical decision making.  But, how can we better engage patients and empower them to take ownership of their health and better understand their own health data? How can we ensure their voices are heard and make them feel supported throughout their care journey? In other words, how can we make physician-patient interaction more intimate and meaningful? 

This panel will explore how innovative startups and health enterprises are answering such tough questions and shaping the patient-doctor relationship in the digital age.  

Panelists Include:

·       Matt Roman, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Duke Hospital

·       Dr. Jules Mitchell, President, Target Health

·       Ed Barber, CEO, Pattern Health

·       Moderator: Dawn Anderson, Managing Director R&D Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Panel 2: Changing Business Models in Healthcare

Consolidation in the healthcare industry has accelerated in recent years, reshaping relationships among industry players and transforming the delivery of care. Prompted by changing healthcare regulation, rising costs and pressure to meet efficiency and quality goals, many in the industry are adapting their business models to remain competitive.

The goal of this panel is to discuss how leading organizations are shaping healthcare M&A strategy and to bring to light new perspectives on the implications for providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, startups, healthcare advisors and consumers.  

Panelists Include:

·       Dr. Mark Montoney, Chief Medical Officer, Contessa Health

·       Jeff Miller, Practice Leader, Lockton Dunning Benefits

·       Claire Pearson, Director of Healthcare Investment Banking, Barclays

·      Moderator: Blake Long, MD, MBA, Adjunct Professor, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Panel 3: Emerging Market Healthcare: Challenges, Lessons and Opportunities

Emerging markets present immense challenges and opportunities for stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. The rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, rapid socioeconomic changes and infrastructure limitations are but a few of the important conditions impacting healthcare in these countries.

Capitalizing on these dynamic markets depends heavily on tailored innovations in corporate strategy, care provision and health technology. This panel seeks to explore how leading providers, institutions and corporations from the developed world are effectively navigating unique market conditions to enable commercial success and drive improved clinical outcomes for patients in emerging markets. 

Panelists Include:

·       Rony Golczewski, General Manager of Lymphoma in Europe, Takeda

·       Geoffrey So, Head of Partnerships, Novartis Foundation

·       Susanne Laningham, Executive Director of Regional Value, Access & Policy - Intercontinental Region, Amgen

·       Faisal Darwazeh, CEO, Labatec Pharma

·       Moderator: Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, Director, Duke Global Health Innovation Center

Conference Team


Beau Falgout

Michele Drossner

Muhammed Ziauddin 

About Duke MBA Healthcare Club

The Duke MBA Health Care Club (HCC) is a student run club that helps educate members on career opportunities and industry trends throughout all facets of the health care sector. The club also provides a forum for individuals to interact with industry professionals and alumni from prominent health care organizations. As a forum for MBA students with a focus on health care, the HCC believes that novel business solutions are needed to make the health sector increasingly successful and sustainable.