Duke MBA Health Care Conference 2019

Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care

Across the U.S., organizations and communities are grappling with increases in the cost of health care. Employers are concerned about their employees’ health care costs. Health care providers are experimenting with new modes of care delivery that could help drive down cost. Some patients are rationing their medication and delaying treatment to reduce their out-of-pocket spending. Inequities in access to primary care increase the incidences of catastrophic care, especially among low-income communities. Compared to other developed economies, the U.S. leads in health care spending but falls squarely in the middle in health care outcomes. At the same time, emerging economies, faced with a population boom and a rising middle class, are urgently investing in modern health care systems.

At the 2019 Health Care Conference, we will discuss how various entities are tackling the rise in health care costs. We will have keynote speakers, panels, and ample networking opportunities during breakfast, lunch, and a closing reception.

The Conference is a full-day event that will be held at the JB Duke Hotel in Durham, North Carolina on November 6, 2019 for 200 expected attendees from Fuqua, Duke University, nearby academic and healthcare institutions, and healthcare companies in the Triangle.

Stay tuned for the 2019 Speakers and Agenda

Previous Years Keynote Speakers Included:

·       John Ratliff, CEO, Covance

·       Dr. Ali S. Raja, Executive Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

·       Matt Roman, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Duke Hospital

·       Dr. Jules Mitchell, President, Target Health

·       Ed Barber, CEO, Pattern Health

·       Dr. Mark Montoney, Chief Medical Officer, Contessa Health

·       Jeff Miller, Practice Leader, Lockton Dunning Benefits

·       Claire Pearson, Director of Healthcare Investment Banking, Barclays

·       Rony Golczewski, General Manager of Lymphoma in Europe, Takeda

·       Geoffrey So, Head of Partnerships, Novartis Foundation

·       Susanne Laningham, Executive Director of Regional Value, Access & Policy - Intercontinental Region, Amgen

·       Faisal Darwazeh, CEO, Labatec Pharma

Conference Team


Angela Nakauka-Ddamba

Katie Silverstein

Sydney Trailsmith

About Duke MBA Healthcare Club

The Duke MBA Health Care Club (HCC) is a student run club that helps educate members on career opportunities and industry trends throughout all facets of the health care sector. The club also provides a forum for individuals to interact with industry professionals and alumni from prominent health care organizations. As a forum for MBA students with a focus on health care, the HCC believes that novel business solutions are needed to make the health sector increasingly successful and sustainable.