Innovations in Health Care Delivery Impacting the Triple Aim

  • Explore new models of primary care delivery and optimal care settings to reduce hospital readmissions

  • Address social determinants of health for high-cost patients through the smart allocation of resources

  • Discuss the role of alternative payment models in health care delivery transformation

Precision Medicine and the Rise of Outcomes-Based Payments

  • Explore the latest genetic research advances and their role in optimizing the patient care experience while reigning in the cost of care

  • Understand how to refine health care outcome definitions in this new environment

  • Determine how payment models are adapting to the personalization of precision medicine

Balancing Cost and Access to Quality Health Care in Emerging Markets

  • Understand how advances in supply chain management are reducing the cost of health care delivery

  • Explore how increased investment in health care systems is driving innovation in emerging markets

  • Identify core capabilities and areas for improvement in health care in different emerging markets

The Role of Smart Start-Up Investments in Reducing Costs

  • Navigate an uncertain regulatory environment for business success

  • Learn what types of health care start-ups are having the most significant influence on the industry and how they compare with larger new entrants

  • Hear a range of perspectives on past trends and expectations for future growth in the health technology space